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The REACH (Research Enriched Academic Challenge) Awards give full-time undergraduate students at SIU the opportunity gain real-world experience in their research/creative field of interest. The awards are granted based on the evaluation of the applications by a panel composed of experts from a broad range of academic backgrounds.

If selected, students can receive up to $2,000 and an assistantship that will pay for the student to work up to 10 hours per week on their project. Teams can receive an additional $500 per additional team member.

To be eligible students must be a Sophomore or higher with a GPA of at least 2.8.

The online application will be available on My Courses (D2L) on December 3, 2018.  Students must "self register" for the course REACH 2019.


Important dates for the 2019-2020 REACH Award Competition:

Competition opens: December 3, 2018

Competition closes: February 4, 2019