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"Let's Talk Research," are hour-long, research related sessions sponsored by Costas Tsatsoulis, vice chancellor of research and dean of the graduate school. Interested participants can register online or by email. For more information, email Jia Liu, Faculty Fellow for the OVCR, at

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In Research section you can find the latest information and results on new discoveries and directions in research at SIU.

The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching has identified more than 4000 institutions of higher education in the United States.

Among these, the National Science Foundation ranks SIU in the top five percent in terms of research expenditure.

Research Information and News

There are many advantages of attending a comprehensive research university. This includes the opportunity to participate in a research setting where faculty and students work together with a wide support net of professionals. "Research" may be conducted in any discipline; we broadly define research as inquiry, discovery and creation of new knowledge and new perspectives about the world. SIU offers research opportunities at all levels.